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Understanding God

posted Apr 29, 2013, 10:52 PM by Joe Bubbico
Catchfence September 14, 2001

Greetings in the name of Jesus! In we read John17:3 And this is life eternal , that they might know thee the only true God, and Jesus Christ, whom thou hast sent.
I am often asked ”Can we know God if we can't comprehend him?” 

.I have a small dog. She doesn’t comprehend everything about me, by any means. In fact, she doesnt comprehend much. 

For example....I’m sure she thinks I am being mean, when I leave her alone every day to go off to earn money for her expensive dog food and her comfy beds. 
She doesn’t understand why she can’t go everywhere with me when the car is too hot and she would die if I left her in it. 
She doesn’t understand that I keep her on a leash in the yard so she wont wander out into the back field and become a coyote snack. 

However, these things she does understand:
She knows that I love her, and that I will protect her.... when she is frightened, she comes to me.
She knows that I will provide for her...when she is hungry or thirsty, she comes to me.
She knows that I will respond to her wants and her needs...when she wants to go out, wants to be petted, or wants to play, she comes to me.

She KNOWS me, she trusts me, and she has a relationship with me, even though she does not understand everything about me.

I am not saying that we are like pets to God, but there is a correlation, here. 
I know that God loves me, that He will provide for me, and that He will protect me. I don’t always understand why He does things the way He does, but I know He is good, He is merciful, and He is just, so I trust Him to run the world. 

I don’t NEED to understand how He created the universe or grasp every detail about the spiritual realm in order to know God and have a relationship with Him.

God bless,